The Leadership Story specialises in the reflective process of storytelling as a pathway to increasingly conscious choices and decision-making. The focus is on what we can discover about ourselves during the process of storytelling, rather than creating stories with the intention of influencing others. What stories do we tell ourselves and others and why: what influences us? Why do we do, think and feel the way we do and how does that influence our choices and decisions? How does that influence our interactions and relationships, both with ourselves and with others?

During the Leadership Story process, the stories we tell ourselves and others – and possibly believe as being universal truths – are unpicked in order to help shift our ‘root perspective’ (Bellin) and therefore experiences of and interactions with ourselves and others. When our root perspective shifts, our thoughts, feelings, choices, and actions transform.

Why stories?

So why stories? We all have our own unique perception of reality based on past experience and to make sense of these experiences we create stories. We carry some of these stories through life as our brains seek to reinforce these stories through ‘evidence’ amassed through subsequent experiences. This influences our perspectives and perception of reality to the extent that perception is a ‘controlled hallucination’ (Clark and Seth), where what we expect or believe shapes what we see.

When we reflect on our own experiences we are able to take a step back, to go onto the ‘balcony’ (Heifetz and Laurie) and see things from a broader perspective rather than perceiving life from our day-to-day ‘dance floor’ perspective. Combine this with an awareness of Kahneman’s Nobel prize-winning work on system one and two thinking and we are able to further broaden our decision-making spectrum by gaining an increased awareness of bias and other influences, such as parental programming, formative childhood experiences and the role of unmet needs.

In addition to basing the work on a range of selected academic studies and coaching methodologies, the Leadership Story approach incorporates Richard Barrett’s work on values and Cultural Transformation Tools; Gita Bellin’s pioneering work on personal and professional transformation; various studies of the amygdala; and Will Storr’s work on the science of storytelling.


The Leadership Story is currently in a forming stage and this website is under development. The brief notes above are to serve as an introduction during the gestation process.